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We create great IT.

Thames consulting provides tangible business value by solving your problems with accurate, fast and friendly IT consulting process.
Whether you are looking for a complete web solutions provider or pinpoint .NET consulting process, we can help you.


Some of our previous work

caxton fx

For Caxton FX foreign exchange company we helped managing the project and delivered a web portal solution build on the Umbraco CMS.
From a design brief and PSD designs we implemented the entire solution including integrating with Caxton FX' own card handling system and third party currency feeds

Careerplan4me is a large career advice by macleod associates originally build for the DWP. The platform contains a multitude of career advisory tools,community forums, and finely granulated membership model. Thames consulting has build the entire platform on Umbraco including advanced Advisor tools for managing users, course bookings and reporting.

For Macleod associates we have developed a complete job vacancy aggregator that contains more than 1 million unique UK jobs, gathered from all major jobboards. We have implemented the complete Umbraco solution with third party XML based REST interaction,email subscriptions,ajax callbacks and much more.

For one of the largest danish real estate agents we help devloping parts of the backend functionality in one of the largest Umbraco solutions out there today
This included data access layers to different systems,graphing functionality and load balancing setup of Umbraco.

Lantic systems deliver high end entertainment and enviroment control systems to luxury yachts throughout the world. We have help develop multiple systems for Lantic including hardware interfaces,Windows presentation foundation(WPF) user interfaces and wifi based two way remotes.

Our skills

Software development

Thames consulting has more than eight years of experience in delivering IT solutions primarily based on the Microsoft .NET platform
This includes technologies like WCF and WPF. We also have a proven track record in implementing up against a multitude of third party systems, ranging from hardware to ERP and CRM systems.

Umbraco CMS

We have worked professionally with Umbraco for more than three year and are umbraco certified to ensure you get the best possible solution for your organisation
Not only is Umbraco free but extremely powerful and versatile. We strive to convey our enthusiasm for this fantastic platform into you web project.

Soft skills

Soft skills are essential in ensuring that your business needs are identified,that the project is delivered on time and that the work is delivered in a manner that suits your organisation. We work actively with your organisation and preferably on site to ensure maximum alignment of expectations between you and thames consulting.
Typically we deliver work in through an agile aproach and we are scrum practitioners ensuring you get full transparency in the project process and a well managed delivery.


How we work

  • Understanding your needs

    Without a thorough understading of your needs, both know and unknown, the IT will not reach its full potential.
    We therefore strive from the very beginning of a project to come to your organisation and map out your needs and requirements.
    This is done through meeting your key stakeholders, brainstorming sessions and building a relationship with you as a customer. It is key for us to convey the posibilites and limitations of the technology and the process within the constrains of the project to ensure that expectations are alligned from the beginning.

  • Initial backlog and quote

    Based on the meetings and sessions an inital backlog is created which contains the know work to be implemented in the project
    This backlog is shared with you through a collaborative online tool and can be updated though the project if any discoveries are made as the IT is continuously evaluated. This backlog will also form the basis for the quote.

  • Development through sprints

    Often when developing IT not all details are know from the beginning or the project seems intangible for a long time.
    A solution to this is developing in very short periods, known as sprints, and evaluate the developed functionality at the end of each sprint.
    This allows you as a customer to much more "in touch" with the project and see the progress of the development.
    Also beeing able to see tangible functionality early, often leads to small changes in the product that otherwise could have have been very expensive to change later in the project.
    This is proven to give a lot af agility in the project and confidence to you as a customer.

Let's get in touch and create great IT.

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